Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL)

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MCBL mitigates risk to current and future Army forces by examining and evaluating emerging concepts and technologies through analytical experimentation, studies, prototyping, and network integration, while simultaneously informing the combat development and acquisition processes.


The MCBL purpose is to facilitate and expedite the effective development, assessment and delivery of improved Mission Command Capabilities and enhance capability integration across the Warfighting Functions to the Warfighter.

Key Tasks

  • Explore and generate unique and innovate ideas to address concepts & capabilities
  • Conduct experiments to assess & validate concepts for required capability integration
  • Integrate Army experimentation with JIM partners
  • Integrate Army experimentation with Capabilities Development partners
  • Assess & synthesize experiment results to generate DOTMLPF solutions; inform concepts, capabilities, force design, force employment, senior-leader decisions, etc.
  • Identify capability gaps and opportunities to prioritize and leverage required capabilities to drive the acquisition process
  • Identify capability gaps and opportunities to improve future force effectiveness executing Multi-Domain Battle (MDB) in a complex environment


MCBL performs locally in Fort Leavenworth, KS as well as distributed nationally with all TRADOC Centers of Excellence, sister-service experimentation centers, and leverage capabilities to integrate multinational partners in Army experimentation.

End State

Provide Army Senior Leaders with a high-payoff institutional intellectual engine of change that bridges the gaps with the Science and Technology community, the generating force, and operational Force. MCBL serves as the conceptual analytical integrator and architect for Mission Command experimentation. MCBL experimentation drives DOTMLPF solutions for current and potential future Mission Command problems for the Army of the future.