19-13 - Mission Command Training in Unified Land Operations FY18 Key Observations Bulletin

Monday, March 25, 2019
Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) trains Army functional/multi-functional/maneuver brigades, divisions, expeditionary sustainment commands (ESCs), corps, special operations units, and U.S. Air Force personnel in mission command and unified land operations. In accordance with the U.S. Army’s combat training center programs and the Chief of Staff of the Army’s training guidance, MCTP conducted five multi-echelon warfighter exercises (WFXs) and six brigade-level WFXs during fiscal year 2018 (FY18). Together, these exercises met the training objectives of more than 60 units. Additionally, MCTP worked closely with the Joint Staff J-7 and other training partners to infuse joint context within a WFX to properly stimulate a corps training audience in preparation for its future role as a joint task force (JTF).
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