Research and Publications (R&P) Team

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The Research and Publication Team researches, writes, and publishes relevant manuscripts for use by US Army leaders and policy makers. The CSI Press publishes works in a variety of layouts and formats with all works available online at our website for free downloading. The R&P Team also conducts the CSI Oral History program, called the Operational Leadership Experience (OLE), which archives in a database the experiences of Soldiers during recent operations. The Team also writes the contemporary history of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in the On Point and A Different Kind of War book series. And the R&P Team is the lead for the CSI/TRADOC periodic symposium that hosts leading academics and senior military leaders as they address historical topics relevant to today's current operations.

CSI welcomes submissions by authors for consideration for publication. Refer to the CSI Author's Guide for formatting and general guidelines. If you have a completed manuscript you would like to submit to CSI for review and possible publication, please submit it, with a short summary of the main points to or contact the Research and Publications Team Chief at (913) 684-2088 (DSN 552).