The Army Warrant Officer 2025 Strategy

Thursday, March 31, 2016
The Army Warrant Officer 2025 (WO2025) Strategy identifies the ends, ways, and means to ensure US Army Warrant Officers are technologically agile, adaptive, and innovative leaders - Trusted Professionals - who will maintain capability overmatch and effectively manage logistical demands to “Win in a Complex World.” This strategy was developed and is synchronized with the Army Operating Concept, Force 2025 and Beyond, Human Dimension Strategy, and the Army Leader Development Strategy. The Army WO2025 Strategy provides an effective, actionable methodology for completing existing initiatives, developing new initiatives, revitalizing warrant officer Professional Military Education (PME), and ensuring other key warrant officer leader development components are in place to meet emerging future land force requirements. Through sustained collaboration, the implementation of this strategy will ensure warrant officer initiatives are fully developed, vetted, and integrated within the Department of the Army processes. The Army WO2025 Strategy applies to all warrant officers in the Total Army.
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