force 2025 and beyond human dimension Publications

The Army Warrant Officer 2025 Strategy
PDF | Published 31 Mar 2016
The Army Warrant Officer 2025 (WO2025) Strategy identifies the ends, ways, and means to ensure US Army Warrant Officers are technologically agile, adaptive, and innovative leaders - Trusted Professionals - who will maintain capability overmatch and effectively manage logistical demands to “Win in a Complex World.” This strategy was developed and is synchronized with the Army Operating Concept, Force 2025 and Beyond, Human Dimension Strategy, and the Army Leader Development Strategy. The Army WO2025 Strategy provides an effective, actionable methodology for completing existing initiatives, developing new initiatives, revitalizing warrant officer Professional Military Education (PME), and ensuring other key warrant officer leader development components are in place to meet emerging future land force requirements. Through sustained collaboration, the implementation of this strategy will ensure warrant officer initiatives are fully developed, vetted, and integrated within the Department of the Army processes. The Army WO2025 Strategy applies to all warrant officers in the Total Army.

Talent Management Concept of Operations for Force 2025 and Beyond
PDF | Published 28 Sep 2015
We must optimize the human performance of every Soldier and Civilian in the Army Total Force and build cohesive teams of trusted professionals who thrive in ambiguity and chaos. To fulfill this mandate, we must also optimize talent management through work force planning and the acquisition, employment, development, and retention of Army Professionals. As we build better teams comprised of the right individuals, we improve the Army. The principles and functions described in this concept of operations are not intended to address symptoms or second-order problems. Instead, they are designed to support a holistic transformation by establishing the foundation required to implement and sustain the policies and practices that will optimize talent management. This includes building an Integrated Talent Management Enterprise with a single leader, or executive integrator, at the flag officer level to ensure unity of effort. The Army requires a comprehensive Talent Management Strategy for Force 2025 and Beyond. This concept of operations will inform the development of that strategy.

Call For Papers
PDF | Published 01 Jul 2015
The Commanding General, Combined Arms Center invites you to submit a paper on the topic of Mission Command for an edited volume. The working title of this edited volume is: Empowering to Win in a Complex World: Mission Command in the 21st Century. In partnership with the online publication, The Bridge, some of the best submissions will also be published online. The linked document provides additional detail on this project.

The Army Human Dimension Strategy
PDF | Published 01 Jun 2015
Leaders that Thrive in Chaos The education, training, and leader development systems we have today are not adequate to produce the Army Professionals that we require for tomorrow. Producing these professionals demands a comprehensive Human Dimension Strategy, nested with the Force 2025 and Beyond initiative, and simultaneously oriented on the individual, the team, and the institution. This strategy lays out the ends, ways, and means necessary build the cohesive teams of professionals that the Army will require to win in a complex world.

The Army Vision - Strategic Advantage in a Complex World
PDF | Published 11 May 2015
The Army of 2025 and beyond will effectively employ lethal and non-lethal overmatch against any adversary to prevent, shape, and win conflicts and achieve national interests. It will leverage cross-cultural and regional experts to operate among populations, promote regional security, and be interoperable with the other military services, United States government agencies and allied and partner nations. Leveraging the Total Force, it will consist of a balanced, versatile mix of scalable, expeditionary forces that can rapidly deploy to any place on the globe and conduct sustained operations within the full range of military operations. Composed of agile and innovative institutions, Soldiers, and Civilians, the United states Army of 2025 and beyond provides strategic advantage for the nation with trusted professionals who strengthen the enduring bonds between the Army and the people it serves.

Strategic Business Plan for the Army University
PDF | Published 16 Mar 2015
The Army University Strategic Business Plan identifies the ends, ways and means to establish a university within the United States Army. The Army University concept supports the Secretary of the Army (SecArmy) and Chief of Staff of the Army’s (CSA) vision to reinvest and transform our institutional educational programs. This transformation grows leaders’ intellectual capacity to understand the complex contemporary security environment. The Army University creates the learning environment required to produce agile, adaptive and innovative leaders across the Total Force in support of the Army Operating Concept. The result is improved performance, increased readiness, and better led Army, joint, interagency, and multinational task forces.

The Army University White Paper
PDF | Published 25 Feb 2015
This white paper describes the ongoing effort to create a unified university system for the Army. It outlines the rationale for this effort and makes a compelling case for why it must begin now. This paper also describes how this effort is both a symbolic and substantive change to the Army’s approach to education. Substantively, the Army University will enable more rigorous accreditation of existing education programs and encourage more internal collaboration among Army research institutions.

The Human Dimension White Paper
PDF | Published 09 Oct 2014
This white paper operationalizes the Army human dimension concepts described in the Army Operating Concept (TRADOC Pam 525-3-1) and the Human Dimension Concept (TRADOC Pam 525-3-7), and is a component of the Force 2025 and Beyond planning process. The Chief of Staff of the Army has directed the Army to become “the nation’s leader in human performance optimization.” This paper outlines a way ahead to achieve this vision.

Talent Management in the Army White Paper
PDF | Published 07 Oct 2014
In this paper, the Human Dimension Capabilities Development Task Force (HDCDTF) conducts a comparative analysis of five of the most-widely utilized talent management models found in the academic and professional literature. It then makes a number of recommendations regarding a model for the Army to use as it continues its organizational innovation in pursuit of human performance optimization.

The U.S. Army Operating Concept - Win in a Complex World
PDF | Published 07 Oct 2014
The Army Operating Concept (AOC) describes how future Army forces will prevent conflict, shape security environments, and win wars while operating as part of our Joint Force and working with multiple partners. The AOC guides future force development by identifying first order capabilities that the Army needs to support U.S. policy objectives. It provides the intellectual foundation and framework for learning and for applying what we learn to future force development under Force 2025 and Beyond.