Force 2025 and Beyond Human Dimension Publications

Enhancing Human Motivation White Paper
PDF | Published 06 Oct 2014
The dynamic and ambiguous nature of future operating environments as predicted by recent US Army publications, paired with anticipated fiscal realities, have presented a unique challenge for developing Soldiers. How can the Army accelerate the development of Soldiers so they not only have the required training and education needed to succeed in any environment, but can also achieve cognitive dominance over any adversaries they may meet? The Army has approached this task by developing a framework designed to promote accelerated and lifelong learning, but how can the Army motivate Soldiers to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them?

Cross-Cultural Competence White Paper
PDF | Published 06 Oct 2014
The US Army’s diverse strategic interests around the globe require its Soldiers and leaders to be comfortable and effective working in a variety of cultural contexts. Forecasts of the future operating environment indicate that the US Army will continue to engage with partners, threats, and local communities in cultures often considerably dissimilar from our own. As such, Soldiers and leaders will need to be able to effectively interact with and influence people from diverse locations and cultures. In order for the US Army to remain adaptive and effective amid this complex environment, it is necessary to develop appropriate training, education, and recruitment mechanisms to achieve improved cross-­‐cultural competence among a wide range of Soldiers and leaders. In turn, this requires a common understanding of key concepts pertinent to the field and a review of the available cross-­‐cultural competence literature.