FM 3-0 Resources

FM 3-0, Operations, can be found on the Army Publishing Directorate’s website at


FM 3-0 An Introduction to Multidomain Operations is a feature-length video, delivering highlights from the new FM 3-0 and recorded in front of an audience. The presentation can help prepare Soldiers and other leaders for an upcoming mobile training team visit or serve in its place if an individual or unit cannot attend an MTT event.

FM 3-0 Playlist provides clips of key topics from the full-length brief.

Doctrine Digest FM 3-0 Special Series: Other doctrine videos can be found on the CADD YouTube page at Users can subscribe to this channel to receive updates when new products are posted.


Breaking Doctrine podcasts feature subject matter experts who take the listener on a deep dive into the history and writing of operations doctrine. Breaking Doctrine can be found on Google, Apple, and Spotify podcasts: