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The Military History Instructor Course (MHIC) is a 13-day/85-hour course designed to prepare ROTC cadre, state military academy cadre, and others with a military history instruction requirement to teach Military Qualification Standard-1 (pre-commissioning) U.S. military history to cadets and candidates. The course consists of approximately 40 hours of large-group conference classes to familiarize the students with the U.S. Army Cadet Command Military History training support package and U.S. military history in general. There are approximately 25 hours of small group seminars and student presentations that provide in-depth examinations of teaching methods and teaching aids.  Additionally, students will participate in a battlefield staff ride, have an opportunity to fire historic weapons, and attend a museum class in order to view examples of non-classroom and non-traditional methods of teaching history to undergraduates.  The course meets the requirement for 3 graduate level history credits. It is graded on a pass/fail system, and although individual arrangements for graded assessments can be made student transcripts will still reflect the pass/fail nature of the course. 

MHIC Welcome Information:

Image of Instructors teaching about weaponsThe MHIST mission encompasses the following lines of effort:

  1. Military History Instructor Course Information Paper
  2. US Army TRADOC US Military History Pre-commissioning Training Support Package
  3. US Army TRADOC US Military History Slide Deck
  4. American Military History, Vol I
  5. American Military History, Vol II
  6. Map of Fort Leavenworth, KS
  7. Staff Ride Read Ahead: Sallee Article and Leader Biographies