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International Military Student Preparatory Course (IMSPC)

P910 & the Field Studies Program (FSP)

The International Military Student Preparatory Course (IMSPC) is 3 weeks long. Phase I of the IMSPC covers an overview of American society which concentrates on the fundamental skills needed to function in the CGSOC. During Phase II of the IMSPC the first overnight Field Studies Program (FSP) trip will take place. IMSPC Phase II also includes a National Flag Ceremony rehearsal. Additional overnight trips will occur during CGSOC. Since FSP trips are mandatory and are overnight stays, it is requested that IMS family members do not plan to arrive from their country during scheduled trip dates. Details on FSP trips will be provided during the preparatory course. Instruction in the IMSPC assumes that each student has already mastered basic fluency in the English language due to the requirement to have a test score of 80 percent on the English Comprehension Level (ECL) examination.

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CGSOC Preparatory Course

P930 Information

The Command and General Staff Officer Preparatory Course (CGSOPC) is 2 weeks in length. This course involves participation by the international military students, U.S. Army Chaplain, Judge Advocate General, Medical Services officers, and officers from other U.S. military services. Instruction includes U.S. military terminology, organization, tactics, logistics, and command and control.