International Military Student Division (IMSD)

Mission: The Mission of the International Military Student Division is to create the conditions and climate for sustained professional growth and success for International Military Students (IMS); and to support the Security Assistance Training Program through:

  • Administration: Provide the IMS with advance information to assist them as they travel to Fort Leavenworth; manage all matters pertaining to liaison, personal affairs, welfare, discipline, and official activities of IMS; prepare IMS for return to their home country or travel to Follow on Training; recognize appropriate post graduate high level achievement through the International Hall of Fame.
  • Academics: Assist IMS in developing expertise and skill sets necessary for the effective management of their national forces in rapport with US military forces.
  • Field Studies Program: Provide a better understanding of the United States, its people, political system, military, institutions and way of life; manage the sponsorship of IMS through Fort Leavenworth and Civilian Sponsor organizations.

International Military Student Flag Ceremony
International Military Student Flag Ceremony