Description of the CGSOC Curriculum Image

The CGSOC Curriculum for class 2015-01 runs from August to June. The year is divided in sections, beginning with Prep Courses, then Common Core, Advanced Operations Course (AOC), Electives, then Graduation.

Prep Courses begin before in July, before the official class start date. These include:

  • P910 (International Military Students)
  • P920 (All students)
  • P930 (International Military Students, Sister Services, and Army non-Operational career fields)
  • P931 & P934 (DTAC/DLRO MDMP Prep)
  • P940 (SOF, SC, FA, EN)
  • P950 (Army students enroute to Sister Service or Foreign courses)

The Common Core begins in August and runs through the beginning of December. These include:

  • C100 Foundations
  • C200 Strategic Context of Operational Art (OPART)
  • C300 Unified Action within OPART
  • C400 Army Doctrine and Planning
  • C500 Joint Application of OPART

Running concurrently with these are the following classes:

  • F100 Force Management
  • H100 Rise of the Western Way of War
  • E100 Ethics-Morals Philosophy
  • L100 Developing Organizations & Leaders

Following the Common Core is the AOC portion. This includes:

  • O100 CFLCC Planning (includes an Exercise)
  • O200 Decisive Action: Division Operations (includes an Exercise)
  • O300 Decisive Action: Brigade Operations (includes an Exercise)

Running concurrently with these are the following classes:

  • SOF/Service Instruction
  • H200 Military Innovation
  • H300 Roots of Today's Operational Environment
  • K200 Contracting
  • L200 Leadership Applied

Running the entire length of the school year is:

  • Master in Military Art and Science (selected students)
  • DLI Foreign Language Program

Lastly, the second half of the school year includes the CGSOC Scholars Program.

The students spend the final section of the school year doing their Electives, which includes 8 electives of 192 hours.