Education Support Division (ESD)


ESD serves as the TRADOC lead for and provides management oversight of the Staff and Faculty Development Program (SFDP), TRADOC Enterprise Classroom Programs (ECP), and the Points Of Delivery (POD) program under the Training Information Infrastructure (TII) Program and the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD).

These programs enable implementation of the Army Learning Model 2015 by providing support to training and education capabilities.


ESD Organization Chart

How ESD Helps the Army

Staff and Faculty Development Program Proponent

  • Instructor/facilitator certification and training products for training developers and managers.
  • Army Enterprise Accreditation Standard-27, Staff Development.
  • Lead for TRADOC PAM 350-70-3 and the SFDP.

Training Infrastructure Office - Enterprise Classroom Programs

  • Points of Delivery (POD) program – Classroom 21 (CRXXI), Digital Training Facilities (DTFs), Deployed Digital Training Campuses (DDTCs) and the ARNG DL classroom requirements/governance in support of the TII program.

Army Training Help Desk Federation (ATHD)

Lead for the TRADOC Regulation 350-40 (draft) Governance and Oversight of the ATHD Federation Priorities.

  1. Develop and execute a plan of action and milestones for Strategic Focus Area – 4 that supports the updating and sustaining of training and training products to enable an effective and adaptive workforce.
  2. Ensure all Staff and Faculty Common Training courses are part of Training Development Capability.
  3. Conduct an enterprise-level Army Training Help Desk Decision Summit.
  4. Plan for and complete requirement and utilization studies for Digital Training Facilities and TRADOC Enterprise Classroom programs.

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