CAC Civilian Swearing-in Ceremony

Mr. Howie Brewington, Deputy Director of the Mission Command Center of Excellence, administers the Civilian Oath to the latest members of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth civilian workforce in the first in-person swearing in more than a year June 21, at the Fort Leavenworth Theater. The new employees are: Anthony Almeida, management analyst at the U.S. Army SHARP Academy; Joseph Carroll, Supervisory Police Officer (Instructor) DES; Amber Denney, Dental Assistant, DENTAC; Jill Drury, housing manager, IMCOM; Travis Gray, and Brian Hathaway, assistant professors; Andrew Meyers, instructor, Force Sustainment and Management Directorate; Carolyn Newell, medical support assistant, DENTAC; Michael Noell Jr., Motor Vehicle Operator, LRC; Brandon Roe, Human Resources Assistant, USDB; John Sell, Operations Research Analyst, TRAC-AFC; Jennifer Smith, Psychology Technician, Munson; Anthony Tangeman, training and education analyst, ArmyU; Alia Tanner, admin support assistant, CAC; Monica Tillis, program analyst, Garrison PAIO; Scottie Veale, training instructor (writer), CAC; and Belinda Williams, medical support assistant, Munson.