German Commandant and General Staff College Delegation Visit

Maj. Gen. Oliver Kohl, Commandant, Bundeswehr Command and General Staff College, Hamburg, receives a Combined Arms Center Overview Brief from the CAC Chief of Staff, Col. Thomas Bolen, 24 February in the CAC Command Conference Room at Fort Leavenworth. Also in attendance from the Bundeswehr Command and General Staff College, Hamburg, were: Brig. Gen. Boris Nannt, Director Strategy & Faculties; LTC Alexander Meseck, Echelon Above Brigade Small and Medium Enterprise Instructor; Lt. (Navy) Conrad Dietl, Aide De Camp to MG Kohl; and Mr. Marcus Majure, CAC Deputy G3 (Operations). The purpose of the visit is to establish and maintain personal relationships to the Combined Arms Center and Army University leadership, to gain perspective about the US Army leadership education programs and trends, to foster cooperation between the two academies, and to exchange thoughts on future requirements and challenges.