17-10: Sustainment Maturation Team Reference Guide, 20 Apr 2017

17-10: Sustainment Maturation Team Reference Guide (CAC login required)

This handbook provides an in-depth analysis of the effects that local environmental factors may have on sustainment operations. The analysis of on-ground conditions, coupled with continued relationships, is a force multiplier, which will save valuable time in a period of crisis. United States Army Europe has integrated two-person sustainment maturation teams (SMTs) into each NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) to improve the common operational picture across Europe and develop country-specific reception, staging, and onward movement (RSOM) concepts of support. The SMTs developed relationships that allow them to gain in-depth knowledge of the personnel, processes, procedures, infrastructure, and host-nation support capabilities and capacities within their region. This guide provides readers with a perspective usually only gained after walking the ground — not just facts — but the impact the operational environment will have on their individual mission.

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