First Cycle of Leadership Conferences April 2017

Dr. Melissa Wolfe, a research psychologist at the Center for Army Leadership (CAL), participated in the First Cycle of Leadership Conferences hosted by the General Military Academy and Defense University Center of the Spanish Army held in Zaragoza, Spain, April 28, 2017. Dr. Wolfe presented a briefing entitled, “Leadership in Small Units,” and discussed the U.S. Army’s deliberate, continuous, and progressive approach to developing and maintaining effective leaders in small units and beyond. The conference was titled “Leadership and Crisis Management and Conflict.” The conference was a forum for civil-military discussions that included international speakers and focused on issues of leadership. The conference was attended by approximately 300 cadets, faculty, and military members from the Spanish General Military Academy, whose mission is to train and educate officers in the Army, Civil Guard, and Tri-Service Corps members of the Spanish Armed Forces.