DCG Transition Page

The Comprehensive Doctrine Guide (DCG) is an interactive Portable Document Format (PDF) that provides the user with access to the most current Army doctrine publications. This guide is designed to be an introduction to Army Doctrine. It is intuitively organized to provide users a broad scope of how doctrine is organized, and includes a detailed list of doctrinal publications.

There are three main sections of the guide:

Section One “Launch Guide” This section provides the user the doctrine hierarchy and access to Army doctrine from the 16 major Army Doctrine Publications (ADP), Army Doctrine Reference Publications (ADRP), Field Manuals (FM), and Army Techniques Publications (ATP).

Section Two “The organization of the Army” This section provides the user links to Army websites and organizational charts of Army units down to the Brigade Combat Team with their associated doctrine publications.

Section Three “Joint and Multinational” This section provides the user with links to websites for Joint organizations and doctrine.

The DCG also provides embedded descriptive PowerPoint briefs on Army doctrine, logic maps, interactive briefs on Command and Support Relationships, and interactive briefs on Corps and Division staff roles and responsibilities. Packed with multiple tools to enable the user to access and understand doctrine, the DCG is your one stop resource for Army Doctrine.

Instructions for Download:
  1. Create a new folder in a desired location on your computer.
  2. Click the version of the DCG shown below that you would like to download.
  3. When prompted select ‘Save As’ and the folder that you previously created for the DCG.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded, right-click the file that you saved to your designated folder and select 'Extract All', then follow the prompts.
  5. After the files have been extracted, the DCG is ready for use.

"DCG is currently being updated and will be posted soon!"