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Staff Reference Guide (SRG)

The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) has created a Staff Reference Guide (SRG) to distill key information for large-scale combat into a single publication; offer helpful techniques or “how’s” to the doctrinally described “what’s” for battalion, brigade, and division staffs; and provide a set of tools and planning factors to help with the “science of war.”

We think the content of this draft publication can be of great use to staff members serving on battalion, brigade, and division staffs, so please use it and help us to make the final product better.

Notice that there are two different files. The base document which is Unclassified/Distro unlimited and Appendix O which is Distribution D (DoD and DoD Contractors only).

Click here for Base Document

Click here for Appendix O (Distro D) (Distro D [DoD and DoD Contractors only]) -- After clicking on the link and logging into AKO, type "Staff Reference Guide" in the search box and you will find the Staff Reference Guide listed under the Communities tab.

Potential questions to answer:

- Does the layout of the publication make sense and is it easy to find all the information?

- What information is missing?

- What information is not helpful and needs to be removed?

- What information needs to be displayed differently or put in an easier to find place?

- Is the description of MDMP (especially COA Development and COA Analysis) easier to understand?

- Do you have any tools/techniques that you would like to add to the manual that would help a planner at DIV/BDE/BN conducting Large-Scale Combat Operations (LSCO)?

Thank you for helping us ensure current doctrine is the best that it can be. Please send all feedback to

11-08-19_SRG_CGSC2.pdf (14.41 MB)