Lessons Learned Course

The Lessons Learned Course is a 5 day course designed to train a target audience of Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, and NCO's (COL to SGT)(Multiservice) serving at Operational or Institutional assignments to include Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps, Branch and Educational Schoolhouses, CoE, or at DA level in accordance with Army Regulation 11-33, Army Lessons Learned Program. It is an Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) level course [ 00-F5/000-F4 (MC) ].

Multiservice/Interagency/Government/Federal Civilians may attend the course. Contractors are welcome to attend as well, unfortunately there is an associated course cost.

The course is focused on training personnel who may be currently assigned responsibility for establishing and managing a Lessons Learned Program in their organization and their subordinate units. The course also addresses the Lessons Learned personnel roles and responsibilities in the Army Lessons Learned Process as well as train Lesson Manager skills. Students are prepared to implement the Army's Lessons Learned Program throughout the operations process in their next assignment and organization.

CALL may also conduct the Lesson Learned Course as an MTT at your location based on justification and will require unit funding subject to instructor availability.

AR 11-33 (2016) is the newly updated Army regulation which details Lessons Learned requirements that Brigade and higher organizations (or DRUs and/or units that deploy separately) now have in the Army. AR 11-33 directs:

  1. Implement a Lessons Learned program and process that is embedded in all commands and activities (Brigade or higher).
  2. Ensure lesson managers and lessons learned cells are trained in lessons learned procedures and the operation of JLLIS.
  3. Incorporate lessons learned procedures and policies as areas of interest in all unit-level command inspection and quality assurance programs.
  4. All units, brigade-sized or larger, and specialty units which operate and/or deploy separately at the team/detachment, platoon, company, or battalion levels are required to submit unit level AARs, observations, and other lessons learned products using the Army JLLIS portal within 90 days of an operational deployment, or 60 days from a training event or exercise.

ALL PERSONNEL ATTENDING MUST BE REGISTERED IN ATRRS THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL MANAGER. If your school manager cannot get a seat allocation, they must contact your MACOM Quota Source manager.

The following link gives you the FY 17 ATRRS course information:

ATRRS FY 17 CALL Lessons Learned Course Info and Dates

ALL PERSONNEL ATTENDING MUST BE REGISTERED IN ATRRS THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL MANAGER.  If your school manager cannot get a seat allocation, they must contact your MACOM Quota Source manager.

If you are NOT Army (or a contractor) utilize the CALL Restricted Website to request enrollment, and contact the instructor at 913-684-5150 for formal enrollment procedures. THIS DOES NOT guarantee you a seat, you must still contact the Lessons Learned Course Instructor at 913-684-5150.

The course is tailored to the audience and includes modules such as:

Communicate Knowledge of Center for Army Lessons Learned; Army Regulation 11-33; Implement Deliberate Lessons Learned Process; Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS); Establish Unit Lessons Learned Program; Navigate the CALL Website; Communicate knowledge of the Collection Plan Process; Role of the Observer; Integrate Lessons Learned; Process Unit After Action Review; Submit Information to CALL (Best Practices, AARs, TTPs); Communicate Knowledge of LNOs; Comply with Information and Operations Security; and Establish Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Awareness.

For more information on the CALL Lessons Learned Course – see the CALL Restricted Webpage:

Future and remaining dates for the Lessons Learned Course:

FY 17 CALL Lessons Learned Course Dates:

  • Class 003 - Ft Leavenworth    27 Feb-3 Mar 17 FULL
  • Class 004 - Ft Leavenworth    1-5 May 17  FULL
  • Class 005 - Ft Leavenworth    26-30 Jun 17
  • Class 006 - Ft Leavenworth    7-11 Aug 17
  • Class 007 - Ft Leavenworth    25-29 Sep 17

FY 18 CALL Lessons Learned Course Dates:

  • Class 001 - Ft Leavenworth   23-27 Oct 17
  • Class 002 - Ft Leavenworth   4-8 Dec 17
  • Class 003 - Ft Leavenworth   22-26 Jan 18
  • Class 004 - Ft Leavenworth   12-16 Feb 18

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