Force Modernization Proponent Center (FMPC)

Mission: On Behalf of the Commanding General, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, the Force Modernization Proponent Center (FMPC) is the executive agent for Total Army force Modernization responsibilities, IAW AR 5-22, Across DOTMLPF-P domains to meet Army requirements in Unified Land Operations for: Airspace Control, Army Knowledge management, Information Operations, Irregular Warfare, Military Deception, Operations Security, Personnel Recovery, and Security Force Assistance.

FMPC hosted COL Gobert of the Brazilian Army Land Operations Command, 4th Directorate (Information Operations) to share lessons learned and the application of Information Operations between the Brazil Army and USAIOP....Read More
Knowledge Management Qualification Course 17-07...Read More

"The information function encompasses the management an application of information and its deliberate integration with other joint functions to influence relevant-actor perceptions, behavior, action or inaction, and human and automated decision making. The information function helps commanders and staffs understand and leverage the pervasive nature of information, its military uses and its application during all military operations. This function provides JFCs (join force commanders) the ability to integrate the generation and preservation of friendly information while leveraging the inherent informational aspects of all military activities to achieve the commander's objectives and attain the end state." -Proposed Joint Function Description (22 May 2017)