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Combined Arms Center Commander LTG Robert B. Brown addresses representatives from TRADOC centers and schools, and others at a Fort Leavenworth conference. Attendees discussed ways of improve the Army’s training and education process, called the Training and Education – Enterprise (TED-E). TED-E guides the training and education development process to produce products for the Operational Force and the Army’s learning institutions. The April conference concluded by presenting Brown with suggestions about making TED-E more efficient and effective in its support to Army readiness....Read More
James Clary III, Capabilities Developer and Military Construction Lead for the Mission Command Training Support Division of the National Simulation Center, receives the Distinguished Military Support Award from Pat Brown-Dixon, Regional Administrator for the Small Business Administration and Jason Klumb, Regional Administrator for the General Services Administration and Chairperson for the Kansas City Federal Executive Board, May 5, at the Kansas City Public Employees Recognition Day. ...Read More
Maj. David Vodarick peruses the Army Training Network (ATN) on his tablet. Now Soldiers can use smart phones and computer tablets to access ATN, the Army’s primary web site for training information. Vodarick works at the Training Management Directorate, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. (Photo by Mike Casey) ...Read More
AJST trains Soldiers in Korea...Read More
As Soldiers and NCOs return to garrison, it is necessary for NCOs to reassert their role in training Soldiers. To help NCOs, the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center-Training at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., has some important training resources. Click here to read the NCO Journal article....Read More
35th ID and Global Simulation Center The 35th conducted the 2015 Santa Fe Exercise with a training scenario utilizing a live simulation. The simulation was provided by the Global Simulation Capability (GSC), a section of the National Simulation Center (NSC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Click here to read the rest of the article by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Milnes...Read More

Mission Statement

Based at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T) is a subordinate organization of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). CAC-T's mission is to manage the Army's Training Support System Enterprise, the Training Development Enterprise and the Combat Training Center Program to enable commanders and commandants to train and educate versatile units and develop agile and adaptive leaders to execute Mission Command in order to conduct Unified Land Operations.

How CAC-T Supports the Army

  • Manage the Combat Training Center Program.
  • Develop & sustain the Integrated Training Environment.
  • Identify requirements for and manage over 900,000 Army training aids, devices, simulators and simulations.
  • Manage Integrated Training Area Management (6 million acres), Sustainable Range and Standards in Training Commission programs.
  • Manage the Army Training Support System Enterprise.
  • Manage, develop and sustain Army Training and Education Development policy, requirements, processes, products, concepts, plans and systems.
  • Proponent for Army Training Management: Manages, develops and sustains training management doctrine, processes, products and systems.
  • Manage requirements for Army Distributed Learning and the Army Training Information System —the Training Information Infrastructure.
  • Integrate the Army's Science and Technology efforts for Training and Education.
  • Provide leader development by supporting the training of Brigades, Divisions, Corps, and ASCCs through Warfighter and Mission Readiness Exercises through Mission Command Training Program.
  • Integrate training and education in the Agile process and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.
  • Provide Army and Joint air-ground operations education, training, and command and control systems integration.
  • Provide training and education facilities and staff and faculty training.
  • Develop training and education video and graphic products.