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Click on the photo to read BG Maria R. Gervais' biography....Read More
Maj. Gen. Mark J. O'Neil said during his year at the Combined Arms Center -- Training, CAC-T worked with leaders in the field to improve readiness. On May 18, he left CAC-T for a new assignment. In June, CAC-T will welcome a new deputy commanding general, Brig. Gen. Maria R. Gervais. Most recently she was the commandant of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Click on the photos to read an Army News Service story about O'Neil's tenure at CAC-T and Gervais' background....Read More
U.S. Army South Sgt. 1st Class Anttwain E. Dobbins trains on Disaster Sim. The video game teaches Soldiers how to be part of a foreign disaster relief task force. The Army Games for Training program at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., played a major role in the Disaster Sim project. Click on the photo to read an Army News Service article about Disaster Sim....Read More
Photo on the left: Frances Herrera, administrative professional at the U.S. Army National Simulation Center at Fort Leavenworth, receives a Public Employee Recognition Day award from the Federal Executive Board's Beth Freeman. Herrera was recognized for her commitment to the U.S. Army and the National Simulation Center at Fort Leavenworth for her 20 years of service by providing travel support service covering nearly 7,000 Temporary Duty trips for Soldiers and civilians as well as filling critical personnel shortages outside her regular work duties.

Christine Sanchez-Murphy, human resource specialist at the U.S. Army Mission Command Training Program at Fort Leavenworth, receives a Public Employee Recognition Day award from the Federal Executive Board's Beth Freeman. Sanchez-Murphy was recognized for her commitment to excellence by ensuring her section reached a near 100 percent efficiency on evaluations and 80 percent on awards completion. ...Read More
The Integrated Training Environment provides Army leaders with an opportunity to combine live, virtual, gaming and constructive training devices to create challenging exercises. An Infantry Magazine article explains how to the ITE helps prepare units and develop leaders. Click on the photograph to read the article....Read More
A Soldier at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga., takes part in a test of a new training capability. The new capability allows Soldiers at multiple posts to train together in helicopter and ground combat vehicle simulators. It also allows Army commanders to use their tactical communication systems in training just as they would in combat. Click on the photograph to read an Army News Service article about this training innovation....Read More

Mission Statement

Develops training requirements, fields training systems, delivers leader training and sustains training capabilities to support Army institutional and operational training of Soldiers, leaders, and units to successfully execute Unified Land Operations in complex, ambiguous environments.

How CAC-T Supports the Army

  • Develop and sustain the Integrated Training Environment and evolve towards a Synthetic Training Environment.
  • Manage the Combat Training Center Program.
  • Identify requirements for and manage more than 900,000 Army training aids, devices, simulators and simulations.
  • Manage Integrated Training Area Management, Sustainable Range and Standards in Training Commission programs.
  • Manage the Army Training Support System Enterprise.
  • Manage requirements for Army distributed learning and mobile applications.
  • Train leaders and provide Commanders the opportunity to train on Mission Command through the Mission Command Training Program.
  • Manage the Army Training Network, Army Training Management System, Digital Training Management System and Combined Arms Training Strategies to provide units and leaders with training resources.
  • Standardize Mission Essential Task Lists to help brigade units and higher conduct realistic training.
  • Integrate the Army’s Science and Technology efforts for Training and Education.
  • Integrate training and education in the Agile Process and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.
  • Provide Army and joint air-ground operations education, training, and command and control systems integration.
  • Write FM 7-0, ADP 7-0 and ADRP 7-0, the Army’s key documents for unit training.
  • Enhance learning in the Centers of Excellence by providing classrooms with wireless capabilities.
  • Provide an enterprise Army Training Information System that optimizes leaders’ and civilians’ ability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training, education and leader development.
  • Lead the Evolution of Training forum with designated Centers of Excellence to expand transparency, collaborate on and synchronize development of the Army’s future training capabilities.