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The February CAC-T newsletter features an article about the Combined Arms Center - Training Innovation Facility's Stryker Virtual Collective Trainer. The newsletter also carries articles about the Army Training Management System Help Desk expanding its hours, guidance to commanders on the use of the Digital Training Management System, and multimedia enhancements to upcoming doctrine and other publications. Click on the graphic to read the newsletter. ...Read More
A Soldier at Fort Carson, Colo., trains in the Stryker Virtual Collective Trainer, which was created at the Combined Arms Center - Training Innovation Facility at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Soldiers who trained in the SVCT liked it and suggested improvements for an upcoming Stryker simulator. The SVCT -- a demonstrator simulator -- was designed to identify requirements so the Army can fix the Stryker capability training gap. Click on the photo to read an Army News Service article. about the SVCT...Read More
Col. John Allen (left) stepped down as the commander of the Army Training Support Center, Fort Eustis, Va. on Jan. 19 and was replaced by Col. Shawn Vail (right). CAC-T Deputy Commanding General Brig. Gen. Maria Gervais (middle) presided at the ceremony. ATSC is responsible for managing the Army Training Support Enterprise, providing oversight for many programs that enable the development, delivery and sustainment of training and education support capabilities worldwide ...Read More
The CAC-T newsletter features articles about: Mobile training apps, the Stryker Virtual Collective Trainer, high-tech classrooms and Tactical Combat Casualty Care kits. Click here to read the newsletter....Read More
The Army is picking up the pace to make more training mobile applications available for Soldiers' smart phones and computer tablets. Recently a team of Soldiers and civilians at Fort Eustis, Va., started using software to ensure Army mobile apps meet government security requirements and other standards. Click on the graphic to read an Army News Service story about the mobile application effort....Read More
​Lt. Col. Steven Dubuc from Mission Command Training Program’s Operations Group Bravo mentors Capt. Stephen Keblish, a human resources officer with New York’s National Guard 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade, as part of MCTP’s warfighter 17-2 in November. Multiple units from Army active duty, National Guard and the Army reserves participated in the warfighter....Read More
The Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) in Kuwait recently received Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) training kits that will help medics and Soldiers save lives on the battlefield. Each of the brigade packages contain two TC3 kits with mannequins that mimic human breathing, bleeding, pulses and traumatic amputations. The Combined Arms Center - Training played a role in bringing TC3 to the Army. Click on the photo to read an Army News Service article about the TC3 kits....Read More
The STE (synthetic training environment) will be more than just simulation; it will be a live-virtual-constructive architecture that will enable Soldiers at their home installation to don goggles and special gloves to train with allies in virtual "megacities" involving thousands of virtual combatants and miles of complex terrain. Click the graphic to read more....Read More

Mission Statement

Develops training requirements, fields training systems, delivers leader training and sustains training capabilities to support Army institutional and operational training of Soldiers, leaders, and units to successfully execute Unified Land Operations in complex, ambiguous environments.

How CAC-T Supports the Army

  • Develop and sustain the Integrated Training Environment and evolve towards a Synthetic Training Environment.
  • Manage the Combat Training Center Program.
  • Identify requirements for and manage more than 900,000 Army training aids, devices, simulators and simulations.
  • Manage Integrated Training Area Management, Sustainable Range and Standards in Training Commission programs.
  • Manage the Army Training Support System Enterprise.
  • Manage requirements for Army distributed learning and mobile applications.
  • Train leaders and provide Commanders the opportunity to train on Mission Command through the Mission Command Training Program.
  • Manage the Army Training Network, Army Training Management System, Digital Training Management System and Combined Arms Training Strategies to provide units and leaders with training resources.
  • Standardize Mission Essential Task Lists to help brigade units and higher conduct realistic training.
  • Integrate the Army’s Science and Technology efforts for Training and Education.
  • Integrate training and education in the Agile Process and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.
  • Provide Army and joint air-ground operations education, training, and command and control systems integration.
  • Write FM 7-0, ADP 7-0 and ADRP 7-0, the Army’s key documents for unit training.
  • Enhance learning in the Centers of Excellence by providing classrooms with wireless capabilities.
  • Provide an enterprise Army Training Information System that optimizes leaders’ and civilians’ ability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training, education and leader development.
  • Lead the Evolution of Training forum with designated Centers of Excellence to expand transparency, collaborate on and synchronize development of the Army’s future training capabilities.