General David G. Perkins, commanding general of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, visited with students of the U.S. Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention, or SHARP Academy at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Thursday, Jan. 14. During the visit, Perkins discussed the importance of the students' positions as victim advocates (VAs) and sexual assault response coordinators (SARCs) and, the emphasis the Army places on facing the sexual harassment and assault menace to Soldier and unit readiness. "Don't confuse what you are for and what you do," Perkins told the students. "What you do is the title you hold. What you are for is to protect the integrity of the profession by maintaining trust among our Soldiers." Trust and what it means to the Army as a profession was a recurring theme during the discussion with the general. "The keystone of our profession is trust," Perkins said, adding that if sexual harassment or assault goes unaddressed within a unit, it sends the message that trust between Soldiers is not important. For more on this story, the photo above....Read More
Combined Arms Center – Training conducted Verification, Validation and Accreditation testing for the SHARP Command Team Trainer application at the SHARP Academy Wednesday, Jan. 20. This regulatory testing is required for all software before a simulation can be released for training. Once Maj. Gen. Mark J. O’Neil, deputy commanding general of Combined Arms Center – Training, reviews and signs the accreditation packet, the SHARP Command Team trainer application will be released on the MilGaming website at https://milgaming.army.mil/. ...Read More
Gen. David Perkins, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command commanding general, talks with warrant officers attending the Warrant Officer Solarium at Fort Leavenworth, January 13-15 about the importance of adaptive leaders in a complex environment....Read More
"The Combined Arms Center has been building the U.S. Army's Strategic Management System into its daily work flow for the past 18 months. The leadership sees this as a more sophisticated way to evaluate performance management for the organization." For more on this story, click the graphic above....Read More
Lieutenant General Robert Brown presents Kansas Governor Sam Brownback with a Combined Arms Center flag for display at the Capitol. The Governor made a visit to the fort on Thursday, Jan. 7, to kick off the New Year, and discuss Army University and Leader Development and any way his office can assist the fort in the future. ...Read More
CSI Press has released 16 Cases of Mission Command in iBook format. This book offers historical illustrations of military leaders using the principles of Mission Command in battle. The cases included range from the War of 1812 to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each chapter includes a brief historical narrative followed by a discussion of the Mission Command principles displayed in the action. Since its first publication in 2013, 16 Cases had been adopted by JRTC and a large number of OPD programs to assist in teaching Mission Command doctrine to Soldiers of all ranks. To download a free copy of this iBook click here....Read More

Leader Development

Conducts Army level leadership and leader development studies, analysis, assessment, and evaluations; develop and maintain the Army Leader Development Strategy; Supports CG, TRADOC by managing the Army Leader Development Program.

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Education is the process of imparting knowledge and developing the competencies and attributes Army Professionals need to accomplish any mission the future may present.

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Lessons Learned

Focuses on the ability to collect, analyze, integrate, disseminate, and archive Army and Unified Action Partners lessons learned to support Unified Land Operations and all aspects of capability development.

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Develops and maintains the body of thought on how Army forces operate as an integral part of a joint force.

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Training Development

CAC manages, develops and sustains training and education development concepts, strategies, policy, processes, requirements, systems, recommend priorities, and products.

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Training Support

TRADOC provides training support for the Army. CAC manages the Training Support System (TSS) which is the training system products, services, and facilities that are necessary for creating the conditions to realistically portray the operational environment and enable training strategies.

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Functional Training

The DCG, Combined Arms manages, administers, and governs the processes to execute training courses for Army personnel (military and civilian) that require functional skills and qualifications for the performance of their duties.