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This month we delivered several highly anticipated products that I am sure will benefit your units and formations. The “Radio and System Operators Handbook,” Version 2, updates one of our most requested products with step-bystep instructions for operating radios and systems up through Capability Set 15. We also released “Ten Fundamental Brigade Combat Team Skills Required to Win the First Fight” and “Fighting with Fires” in collaboration with the subject matter experts at the National Training Center. I think you will find these Newsletters useful as you prepare for decisive action rotations. ...Read More
The CAA conducts a two-year cycle of specialized conferences/exercises hosted by different member armies. Each cycle ends in a preparatory meeting that reviews the accomplishments of the previous two-year cycle and approves the agenda for the forthcoming conference and Commander?s Conference of the American Armies (CCAA). The CCAA is conducted by the army hosting the Permanent Executive Secretariat CAA (or PESCAA) for that particular cycle. Hosting of the PESCAA voluntarily rotates every two years. The host nation serves as the CAA headquarters responsible for coordinating all current cycle CAA activities in addition to hosting the preparatory meeting and commander's conference. This bulletin contains valuable information to inform leaders from all conference member nations on the goals, processes, and procedures as a contributing army and prepares them to assume the critical role of leading the PESCAA in the future. This publication is the second volume, in a series of three, produced for the CAA. It is a ?how to? guide outlining the structure and operation of the two-year cycle of events, culminating in the transfer ceremony of the CAA cycle. ...Read More
Carlos Soto, Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) terminologist, briefs Col. Jaime Alonso, Colombian Army doctrine director and Col. Mike Pappal, Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) director, during a delegation visit Aug. 30. During the engagement, CALL and CADD representatives provided professional discussions and exchanged information regarding mission, structure, trends, and processes. (Photo by Christine Weis)...Read More
CALL graduated six students from its most recent Lessons Learned Course on Aug. 11, 2017. This 5-day course (open to officers, warrant officers, NCOs, DA civilians, sister service, and interagency personnel) prepares students to implement a lessons learned program within their organizations and to use the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) for capturing and accessing lessons and best practices. This course can be found in ATRRS – schedule soon as classes fill early! More information can be found at More
CALL analysts, shown here with Brigadier Mick Ryan (center), Talisman Saber 17 (TS 17) Exercise Director, and other members of the American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand (ABACANZ) lessons learned team, are on the ground in Australia collecting observations, lessons, and best practices as part of #TalismanSabre2017. TS 17 is a joint exercise sponsored by the U.S. Pacific Command and Australian Defence Force Headquarters Joint Operations Command designed to enhance U.S.-Australian military interoperability through a variety of maritime, land, and air operations scenarios....Read More
Marcus Majure (left), U.S. Army Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) deputy director, discusses the lessons learned process and the Army as a learning organization with Cathal J. Nolan, associate professor of history and executive director of the International History Institute, Boston University, July 12. Nolan, who recently wrote “Allure of Battle: How Wars are Won and Lost,” visited the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth July 11-13 as part of a fact-finding trip to learn about current Army operations, doctrine, and education. Representatives from Army University, Combined Arms Center-Training, Mission Command Center of Excellence, and the Fort Leavenworth garrison provided additional information briefs and discussion venues during Nolan’s visit. (Photo by Christine Weis)...Read More

Mission Statement

The Center for Army Lessons Learned continuously leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and identifies, collects, analyzes, disseminates, and archives lessons and best practices while maintaining global situational awareness in order to share knowledge and facilitate the Army's and Unified Action Partners' adaptation to win wars.

CALL's Vision

The Center for Army Lessons Learned is the Army's daily focal point for adaptive learning based on lessons and best practices from the total force and provides timely and relevant knowledge to the warfighter and our unified action partners utilizing integrated systems and interactive technology in order to simplify winning in a complex world.

Individuals requiring additional information, articles, publications, research material, etc. may request them at the CALL RFI site, located at this address: