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Mission Command Center of Excellence's Mr. Owen McCauley (CALL) and Mr. Jim Benn (CADD) along with members of the Alaskan National Guard conducted a doctrine and lessons learned seminar with the Mongolian Armed Forces 20-28 June 2014. They laid out a "road map" that will lead to establishing their lessons learned and doctrine process. ...Read More
Greetings from the Army’s premier lessons learned center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. CALL has published its Fiscal Year 2015 Collection Plan, which outlines the focus areas CALL will be looking at during the next fiscal year. In this edition of the CALL Newsletter, we would like to highlight our support to Operation United Assistance. CALL is developing push packages to assist units in operations or training exercises, and we have included a summary of this effort in this newsletter. We have also included a summary of our recent lessons learned seminar for the Georgian Armed Forces.Read...Read More

Mission Statement

The Center for Army Lessons Learned facilitates the Army’s lessons learned program by identifying, collecting, analyzing, disseminating, and archiving issues and best practices; and by maintaining situational awareness in order to share knowledge throughout the Army as well as our unified action partners utilizing tools like networks, workshops, and interviews.

CALL's Vision

The Center for Army Lessons Learned is the Army’s premier center for operationalizing lessons learned which provides leading edge knowledge that supports the Army Warfighter and its partners, enabling them to win in a complex world.

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