Warrant Officer Candidate School DL Enrollment


Enrollment Instructions ‐ Effective September 2017

Forwarding AKO Mail

FY18 Phase 1 Calendar

ATRRS – Student View

Step 1:

a. You must have a WAIT or RESERVED status in both phases 1 & 2 prior to completing Step 2. Contact your local ATRRS quota manager to obtain reservations.

School Code:


Course Number:

911‐09W (DL) (Phase 1)

911‐09W (Phase 2)

b. Student communication is sent to the AKO address. Ensure that your AKO profile is set to forward mail to your [mil@mail.mil] account prior to registering. USAWOCC does not send e‐mails to personal accounts.

c. Review Phase 1 Calendar column 4. Registration requests submitted after the date in column 4 will be deleted.

Step 2:

To complete the registration:

a. Log into AKO with your Common Access Card (CAC).

b. Click here to open a new tab for this site.

c. Select WOCS 2018 (Based on Phase 2 course date).

d. Complete registration and submit. Accuracy is important; information provided is used for student records and academic evaluation report.

e. You will receive a Pre‐Registration Confirmation e‐mail from usarmy.leavenworth.tradoc.mbx.ldecgscweb‐inbox@mail.mil once registration is successfully completed.

Step 3:

a. You will receive your Blackboard username and temporary password within 3‐5 working days. Enrollment email will come from the Student Management System (SMS) [usarmy.leavenworth.tradoc.mbx.cgsc‐sms@mail.mil]. Messages sent from this account are autogenerated, do not send replies to this account.

b. Student Phase 1 Group assignment corresponds to the Phase 2 class reservation in ATRRS. The Phase 1 Calendar column 3 and column 5 show the Group’s start date and required completion date respectively.

c. If you do not receive an email from SMS with your user name and password for Black Board after 3‐5 working days, you may not have had proper reservations in ATRRS. Your application was place in a hold status and will not be processed until you receive proper reservations and contact the DL Manager to provide the information your reservations were fixed.

Step 4:

If you have any questions, please send email to usarmy.rucker.cac.mbx.wocc-web@mail.mil Subject:WOCS, Student Name, Class #, or call 334‐255‐1326 (DSN: 558‐1326). Hours of Operation are Mon-Fri, 0800-1600 hrs (CST)