Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE)


The Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE) is a resident 5-week, MOS-immaterial, professional military education course preceded by a DL phase. Phase 1 (DL) must be completed prior to attending the resident Phase 2. This course is only taught at the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC).

Purpose: The WOILE provides CW3s and new CW4s with the intermediate level education and influential leadership skills necessary to integrate their technical expertise in support of leaders as staff officers, trainers, managers, systems integrators, and leaders at the tactical and operational levels of Army, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) organizations executing Unified Land Operations thru Decisive Action.

Course Schedule: Course dates, course prerequisites, and special information may be found on ATRRS; go to https://www.atrrs.army.mil/atrrscc/, and search for Course Number: Phase 1, 1-250-C8 (DL) Phase 2, 1-250-C8.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of a WOAC is required. If Equivalency Credit was awarded, you must submit verifying documentation to the DL course manager prior to requesting WOILE DL enrollment.

PHASE 1 – DISTRIBUTED LEARNING (DL):The DL course is a 48-hour asynchronistic, self-paced course hosted on the Blackboard learning content management system (web-based). Content in this phase is foundational to the resident portion of the course.


  1. Students must have a reserved seat in ATRRS for both Phase 1 and either a Wait or Reserved seat for a Phase 2 class prior to being enrolled in the DL.
  2. You must complete the DL within 90-days from the time of enrollment, or 30-days prior to your Phase 2 report date, (whichever occurs first). In order to have a full 90-day enrollment period, schedule the Phase 2 class a minimum of 120 days prior to your Phase 2 report date. Enrollments inside 120-days will have less than a 90-day enrollment period.Note: New enrollments will not be accepted inside 60-days from the Phase 2 start date.
  3. Obtain a reservation for the course through your training section and/or branch manager. Once you verify a Phase 1 reservation and a Phase 2 (Wait or Reserved) reservation in ATRRS, complete DL Registration from the WOCC home page. Allow 24-48 work hours for your request to be processed.

Email Account:

Communication while in the DL class will be through the Blackboard portal or e-mail. Blackboard will use the e-mail address posted in ATRRS. You can update your ATRRS profile by going to: https://www.atrrs.army.mil/channels/aitas/ and selecting “Update Profile” in the left margin menu.

You must be in either a reserved or wait status in ATRRS for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 prior to being allowed to actively enroll in the DL. After receiving an ATRRS reservation or wait notice for WOILE Phase 1 DL course 1-250-C8 (DL), you must then request enrollment. See WOILE DL Enrollment Instructions under Registration drop-down window (left column this webpage). Please allow 24-48 work hours for your request to be processed.

Previous Course Failure: If you previously failed to complete the DL course, prior to being reenrolled, you must request reenrollment via memorandum. In addition, you must provide a separate memorandum from the first O-6 supervisor or commander in your chain of command that describes the corrective actions taken to ensure you’ll meet course standards.

PHASE 2 - RESIDENT COURSE: Successful completion of the APFT and height and weight screening are mandatory for course graduation. After the initial APFT and height and weight screening, one retest and/or height and weight screening is allowed. Soldiers who subsequently fail to meet physical fitness and/or height and weight standards will be removed from the course. The Academic Evaluation Report will show “Failed to Achieve Course Standards” and the Soldier is not eligible to enroll in any PME courses for 6 months after dismissal. (Army Directive 2012-20, 17 Sep 2012 & ALARACT 267/2012).

  1. Officers with APFT restrictions based upon an approved permanent designator in their physical profile must have an approved DA Form 3349, Physical Profile. Signatures of the profiling officer(s) and approving authority on the DA Form 3349 must be verifiable. Officers with invalid DA Forms 3349 will be returned to their unit.
  2. Officers with temporary profiles based upon injuries sustained due operational deployment may be permitted by their immediate commander to attend PME within the guidelines of their profile. They must arrive with a copy of their current approved profile and a memorandum signed by their commander stating the profile is a result of injuries sustained due to operational deployment. Soldiers with temporary profiles that are not a result of operational deployment that prevent full participation in a course will be removed from school attendance consideration (Para 3-13b, AR 350-1).

Questions: You may email questions regarding WOILE to the Registrar at usarmy.rucker.cac.mbx.wocc-web@mail.mil.