Logistics Exercise & Simulation Directorate (LESD)


LESD serves as capabilities integrator and provider of worldwide sustainment Mission Command training exercises. It provides exercise support to the Institutional and Operational Army to assist commanders in preparing Soldiers to successfully execute their sustainment missions.

How LESD Helps the Army

  • Provides Sustainment Mission Command simulation exercise support to military operations, mission rehearsals and training exercises with priority to Mission Command Training Program (MCTP).
  • Advises the Combined Arms Support Command and Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE) on the use of training technologies to execute the sustainment collective training mission.
  • Serves as the capability Integrator / Sustainment Capability Integrator for constructive simulation in support of the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) integration effort.
  • Assists Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) in the integration of the Constructive Sustainment Model into the JLCCTC.
  • Serve as the sustainment simulation provider for the CONUS and Pacific Regional Simulation Capabilities (RSC).
  • Provides guidance on development and use of high-fidelity constructive training simulations to meet or exceed sustainment training objectives.
  • Educates and promotes sustainment constructive training to sustainment Pre Command Course, sustainment commanders and supported Mission Training Centers and addresses user feedback.
  • Maintains and expands stimulation of sustainment mission command systems and makes the training environment equal the operational environment.

Top Priorities

  • Making sure the Future Simulations Division supports coordination and design of future exercises with training audiences or training providers.
  • Ensuring the Simulation Support Division tests, documents, delivers and provides help desk support for Logistics Federated and Joint Deployment Logistics Model.
  • Making sure the Exercise Support Division plans, coordinates and executes simulation training exercises and provides onsite support to the field and assists in functional testing and requirements development.
  • Providing Exercise Planning Functional - Data Base Build, Support Relationships, Sustainment Structure, Current and Emerging Logistics Doctrine, and SIM Coach Training.
  • Providing Exercise Support Functional - Simulation Coach Support, AAR Assistance, Senior Control, Data Validation/Changes and C2 Functional Validation.
  • Providing Joint Defense Logistic Manager simulation support to MCTP in support of the 3 Expeditionary Sustainment Command Culminating Training Event in February 2014 at Fort Knox, KY.
  • Providing simulation support (LOGFED) to Korea Battle Simulation Center in support of Key Resolve in March 2014.

Contact Us

Future Simulations Division804-765-1492
Exercise Division804-765-1723
Simulation Support Division804-765-1177
LESD Soldiers
LESD Soldiers

Soldiers use the Joint Deployment Logistics Model that is a logistics component, constructive simulation model. It provides commanders and their staffs with the complete array of Warfighting function capabilities required to meet logistics training requirements.