National Simulation Center (NSC)

NSC Logo

NSC develops the requirements and advocates integrated capabilities to train and develop Soldiers, leaders and units to achieve individual and collective readiness by:

  • Developing an Integrated Training Environment (ITE).
  • Developing requirements and championing capabilities for the ITE as well as Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LCVG) training enablers.
  • Supporting Army and Joint exercises.

How the NSC Helps the Army

  • Provides capability development for Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming enablers that set the conditions for Army training
  • Serves as the program lead within the Training Support System Enterprise for the Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP)
  • Develops and sustains the Integrated Training Environment.
  • Provides Live, Virtual, Constructive – Integrating Architecture capability development and fielding.
  • Provides Regional Simulation Center (RSC) support for Division and Corps home station simulation exercises.
  • Offers Combat Training Center and home station exercise support through the Global Simulation Capability.
  • Provides capability development support for TRADOC Centers of Excellence and Schools.
  • Offers simulation support for Mission Command Training Program exercises.

NSC Top Priorities

  • Fielding of the Live Virtual Constructive-Integrating Architecture Increment 1 to Fort Stewart, Korea and Fort Riley.
  • Support to the Mission Command Training Program WFX 14-2.
  • Set the conditions for Training Integration Forum/Commanders and Directors of Training/Training Support System-Enterprise 14-2.
  • Finalize and publish plan for supporting Institutions/Centers of Excellence.
  • Establish Integrated Training Environment Governance by publishing the ITE Implementation Master Plan.
  • Establishment of Global Simulation Capability Net in CONUS.
  • Support to USARPAC Exercises-Yama Sakura.