Training Support Analysis & Integration Directorate (TSAID)


Serves as the overall program integrator and provides staff management for the TSSE; serves as the Army Soldier Training Support Program lead agent; and integrates T&E into the future capability process and documents. TSAID manages the TSS Master Plan and database; provides T&E analytical support; provides world-wide management and distribution of TADSS and the GTA Program; manages the Army Doctrine, Training, and Literature Program; serves as Training Domain lead for capability developments and integration in order to ensure current and future training capabilities are synchronized, prioritized, and communicated to support Army Progressive Readiness.


TSAID Organization Chart

How TSAID Helps the Army

  • Lead Army TSS Efforts and Program Integration.
  • Manage the Army Training Support System Enterprise.
  • Manage Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations / GTA Lifecycle and World-Wide Distribution .
  • TRADOC T&E Modernization Policy and Integration.
  • Identify & Prioritize Army TL&E Required Capabilities & Gaps .
  • Ensure Army Warfighting Capabilities are Trainable with Identified Training Capabilities.

Top Priorities

  1. Execute preparation efforts required of POM 17-21 TSS Requirements.
  2. Ensure "Trainability" / Training Capabilities Analysis is integrated into the TL&E Domain JCIDS review process as CAC's Gatekeeper and maintain guidelines for Trainability as a part of the Training Key Performance Parameter.
  3. Execute ATIS AoA, DSTS and HITS Training Effectiveness Analysis.
  4. Execute follow on actions related to TADSS (re)distribution resulting from scoping actions.
  5. Lead & Integrate CAC-T TGOSC Efforts.
  6. Manage the current $500M TSSE Contract and establish the new $800M TSSE Follow-on Contract
  7. Manage total asset visibility, redistribution and distribution for the Army's fielded Training Aids, TADSS, GTAs, and Training Products
  8. Support Summer Training Surge (6xXCTC, 2xCTXC, USACC, USMA, HST)
  9. Support Army Training Summit V
  10. Coordinate CAC-T support requirements for T&L Capabilities participating in NIE 16.1 and complete Development of CAC-T led (3) Objectives with supporting Mission Essential Capabilities and Critical Tasks ISO Mission Command Network (MCN) 2020 Strategy
  11. Complete Functional Needs Analysis (FNA) phase and DCG CAC-T Memo to ARCIC for the T&E/L Functional Assessment Update conducted ISO CNA FY15
  12. Lead & Integrate CAC-T S&T efforts in preparations for LIRA 18-22

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