MCCOE Directorate of Training (DOT)

Mission Command Training Resources


MCCoE DOT integrates and synchronizes Army Mission Command Strategy implementation and develops Mission Command training and education plans, products and services to support the development of Army leaders, Soldiers, and units to successfully exercise Mission Command during Unified Land Operations.


Conducts training development integration, synchronization, and delivery of near-term doctrine-based Mission Command products and services that support:

  • Mission command training readiness in all Army formations
  • Training readiness in combined arms echelons above brigade combined arms units
  • Mission command leader development across all learning domains
  • Training for future mission command capabilities (for MCCoE assigned proponencies) that enable the total force to execute realistic and rigorous training to achieve and sustain readiness

Key Tasks

  1. Develop, manage, and implement the Army Mission Command Strategy (AMCS).
  2. Support strategic working groups and research that develops or shapes the future of MC, ULO, or EAB combined arms and develop supporting products as appropriate.
  3. Assess MC DOTMLPF plans and solutions to insure they account for an effective balance between the art and science of MC.
  4. Develop, integrate, and evaluate MC training solutions for use across the institutional, operational and self-development domains.
  5. Execute designated MC functional training—currently MC Digital Master Gunner (DMG) Courses

End State

Our efforts enable the Army to optimize its human potential by developing agile, adaptive, competent, and committed Army leaders who have internalized the MC Philosophy, commanders and staffs who have mastered MC WFF tasks, and units that effectively exercise MC in the conduct of ULO.