Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL)

CDID Home Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL)



MCBL mitigates risk to current and future Army forces by examining and evaluating emerging concepts and technologies through experimentation, studies, prototyping, and network integration, while simultaneously informing the combat development and acquisition processes.


The MCBL purpose is to Facilitate and Expedite the effective development, assessment and delivery of improved Mission Command Capabilities and more integrated capabilities across the Warfighting Functions to the Warfighter

Key Tasks

  • Army Mission Space
  • Joint
  • Inter-Agency
  • Inter-Governmental
  • Multinational

With work performed locally in Leavenworth, KS as well as distributed both nationally and internationally.

End State

Focused on Mid Term Capability Development and Delivery in the 2-7 year time frame, aligned with the DOD rhythms of PPBES, Defense Acquisition, JCIDS, and ARFORGEN, with capability to change focus to immediate and near-term requirements based on urgent needs of commanders generated by the current operational environment.