MCELM Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get JPME credit for attending CGSC?

You will receive JPME phase one credit. There is no degree awarded unless you fulfill the additional requirements for the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS). You will have to attend JFSC in Norfolk to earn the JPME phase two credit.

What type of fitness report will I receive from my tour at CGSC?

Barring any adverse conduct, all fitness reports for CGSC students are academic, non-observed fitness reports.

What uniforms will I need?

Generally the uniform of the day for classes will be the seasonally appropriate utility uniform. There are occasions for Service Alphas and seasonally appropriate wear of the service uniform. By and large, however, the uniform for classes will be the utility uniform. Of course, you should have your Dress Blues/Mess Dress readily available for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which as a side note, is hosted by the CGSC Marines, so bring your sword.

There is limited uniform support aboard post (if the Army does not wear it, the Post Exchange generally does not carry it), so plan ahead. As always, MCCS Online offers the ability to order necessary uniform parts if needed.

What about height/weight standards while I am at CGSC?

Height and weight will be recorded during the Indoctrination Course and will be taken seriously. You have been board selected to represent the Marine Corps at CGSC.

Can I get an official Marine Corps photo taken at Ft. Leavenworth?

If you do not have a current official photo, you should have one taken prior to departing your current duty station if at all possible. There is a Photo Lab at Ft. Leavenworth that can take official Marine Corps photos; however, it can take weeks to get an appointment.

Will I be assigned a sponsor?

Yes, you will be assigned a sponsor once you contact our Admin Office and provide us with your information. Your sponsor should contact you within several days after they have been notified of their assignment.

Why do we report earlier than the Army students?

The Marine Corps Element conducts an Indoctrination Course which includes administrative requirements and courses which will review all Marine Corps MAGTF capabilities, etc. This will better prepare you for the rigorous academic year during which you represent the Marine Corps at CGSC.

Will I receive a master's degree for attending CGSC?

Unlike the other service schools, CGSC does not award a master's degree for the basic course. There are opportunities to earn a master's degree for those interested. CGSC offers the Master of Military Art and Science degree, and several local civilian universities offer coop master's programs to CGSC students. You will receive detailed informaion on all of these options during the Indoctrination Course.

MCELM Contact Information:
Marine Corps Detachment, 100 Stimson Ave., Rm 3519, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-4673, DSN: 552-4673
E-mail: The Marine Corps Element