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The Civilian Education System (CES) is a progressive and sequential leader development program that provides enhanced educational opportunities for Army Civilians throughout their careers. Army Civilians will become multi-skilled, agile leaders of the 21st Century who personify the Warrior Ethos in all aspects, from warfighting support, to statesmanship, to enterprise management.

CES provides multiple levels of Civilian development to include the Foundation Course (FC), Basic Course (BC), Intermediate Course (IC), Advanced Course (AC), Continuing Education for Senior Leaders (CESL), Supervisor Development Course (SDC), Organizational Leader Development Course (OLDC), Manager Development Course (MDC), and Action Officer Development Course (AODC). The method of delivery is distributed learning (DL), resident instruction, or blended learning – a mixture of both DL and resident instruction.

Most permanent Army Civilians and Local National employees are centrally funded — the Army pays for your tuition, travel, and per diem centrally. It does not come out of your unit budget. Military members, term and temporary employees, and non-Department of the Army employees are funded through their own organizations.

The major underpinnings of CES courses are:

  • Student Centered — Focuses on the transfer of knowledge using the Army's Lifelong Learning Philosophy, with the emphasis on leader development
  • Problem Based — Provides students with real world issues and problems they will encounter as direct or indirect leaders
  • Experiential — Allows students to practice new skills in an environment that minimizes risk, encourages participation, and offers immediate feedback
  • Inquiry Based Learning — Focuses on questioning, critical thinking and problem-solving

NOTE: DL is available to all Army Civilians as self-development.

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