Advanced Course


"Lead Organizations"

Course Number: 1-250-C62
Mode: DL/Resident
Location: Fort Leavenworth
Duration-dl: self paced not to exceed 6 months
Resident: 4 weeks


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The Advanced Course focus is on Army Civilians skilled in leading a complex organization in support of national security and defense strategies; integrating Army and Joint systems in support of the Joint Force; inspiring vision and creativity; implementing change; and managing programs.

The Advanced Course is conducted through blended learning - DL and four weeks resident training. Resident training is taken after successful completion of the DL and takes place in a university setting encompassing a classroom environment and small group seminars.

The Advanced Course is the required leader development course for all Army Civilians in grades GS–13 through GS–15 or equivalent.

Eligibility for Resident Training:

  • Army Civilians in permanent appointment to GS–13/14/15 or equivalent.
  • Military supervisors of Army Civilians and other Federal agency leaders in permanent appointment GS–13/14/15 or equivalent.
  • Term and temporary Army Civilians who are supervisors and have the same level of responsibility.
  • Applicants must have a current performance rating of successful or above and be in good conduct standing regarding conduct.
  • Employee must have successfully completed the Advanced Course DL and the Foundation Course if required.
  • Army Non-appropriated Fund (NAF), Wage Grade (WG), Local National (LN)

Selection Priority for Resident Training:

  • Priority 1. Army Civilians in permanent appointment to a supervisory or managerial position.
  • Priority 2. Army Civilians in permanent appointment to a non-supervisory position.
  • Priority 3. Military supervisors of Army Civilians, DOD or other Federal agency leaders. Army Civilians in term and temporary appointments who are responsible for leading or supervising Army Civilians. Priority 3 attendees are not centrally funded and must be funded by their organization.

Must complete course within 2 years of placement in position.

Must complete both Resident and DL to receive CEUs (26.74). You must score 80% to pass the DL Phase I. Once you receive a passing score, you will be prompted to print the certificate for your training records.

Pre-Requisites:Must have graduated from the Foundation Course if you are an Army civilian hired after September 2006.

Special Information: Student must have graduated from the Advanced Course dL phase 1 prior to registering for the resident phase 2. CES courses are centrally funded for most Department of the Army Civilians. Refer to AR 350-1 for specific requirements and eligibility. Courses are open to DOD employees and employees from other military departments. These employees are NOT centrally funded.

Must complete course within 2 years of placement in position.

Must complete both Resident and dL to receive CEUs (26.74).

Completion Requirements: You must score 80% to pass. Once you receive a passing score, you will be prompted to print the certificate for your training records.

Once you have applied through CHRTAS, follow these steps to begin your Advanced Course in ALMS.
  • Step 1: Go to and log in using your CAC.
  • Step 2: Click on the "Current Enrollments" button and your registered course lessons will be displayed with the option to launch them directly. Lessons will not be listed in order and you should sort them alphabetically. Please note you will have to repeat this sort each time you log into the ALMS to view your lessons in alphabetical order.
  • Step 3: Use the sort feature at the top of the page to sort by assigned on date. Uncheck the checkbox that groups lessons by...
  • Step 4: Your lessons/course may display unexpanded. Then click the Plus [+] to expand your course.
  • Step 5: Notice the course will expand one level. Providing "Required Module 1" and another [+] Plus symbol. Click the [+] Plus symbol.
  • Step 6: Now all lessons should be displayed in sequence. Launch the "Desk Reference" first! Save and print this lesson for reference if you have not already printed it from the CHRTAS email you received notifying you of your enrolment in the course.
  • Step 7: Click the launch button to launch subsequent lessons. Note the next link for navigating to subsequent pages and additional lessons.

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