University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Leadership

Mr. Steve Rotkoff


Colonel (Retired) Steve Rotkoff graduated from West Point in 1977 and was commissioned in Military Intelligence. During a 26 year career he served primarily in the tactical Army with the 7th Inf Div, 3rd Inf Div, 1st Cav Div, XVIIIth, Vth and IIIrd Corps. He has served as an S-2 or G-2 (senior intelligence officer) at every level from Infantry Battalion through Third Army G2 and commanded both a Military Intelligence battalion and brigade as part of III Corps. He was the lead intelligence planner for GEN Clark as he developed ground attack options for Kosovo and he was the chief of the 2001 FM 3-0 (Army Operations)) writing team. His final position on active service was as the Deputy Combined Forces Land Component Commander (CFLCC - all Army and Marines) G-2 (intelligence officer) for Operation Iraqi Freedom. In that capacity Col Rotkoff was intimately involved in the planning for and conduct of the Phase III war. He, in coordination with MG Marks, built the CFLCC Joint Analytic Control Element, participated in every aspect of targeting, and began the work to transition intelligence support to the post Phase III fight.

Upon retirement in late 2003, Mr. Rotkoff served as the lead for intelligence transformation efforts for the then Army G2 LTG Alexander. The University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS), and integration of red team capability in the Army grew out of this transformation effort. In 2005 Mr. Rotkoff moved to the Ft. Leavenworth area to serve as the curriculum developer and primary instructor for UFMCS and deputy director of that program. In 2008, Mr. Rotkoff took a short hiatus from UFMCS to serve as the Deputy Director of the Human Terrain System. In August 2009 Mr. Rotkoff was selected by GEN Dempsey the TRADOC CDR to serve as the action officer to develop a course of instruction based upon The Starfish and Spider in conjunction with the author Ori Brafman. Upon completion of this mission Mr. Rotkoff returned to UFMCS to serve full time as the Deputy Director of that program. In that capacity he has travelled to AFG, Korea, Italy, Australia either to provide a red team (for GEN Dunford in Afghanistan and US Forces Korea in Korea) or to teach red team techniques. In June 2013, Mr. Rotkoff was selected to become Director of UFMCS in which position he serves today.