• Training and Education Development Enterprise (TED-E). Transformation of TED-E incorporates development of efficiencies while maintaining effectiveness through leading, planning, executing and integrating TRADOC's TED Core Function. TED will allow developers to manage and prioritize the origination of training and education products.
  • TMD 2Training Development Workload Management – Workload Management Process.. Workload Management Process provides the ability to substantiate the Training Development (TD) requirements to gain resources to support the Training Development mission.
  • Army Training Management System (ATMS). ATMS is a component of theArmy Training Information System. ATMS key components are the Digital Training Management System (DTMS), Army Training Network (ATN) and Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS). DTMS supports planning and tracking training of Soldiers, Army civilians and other government personnel. ATN provides a single entry point for training products and materials, and links to other training resource sites. CATS are task-based, event-driven and Table of Organization and Equipment-focused strategies to assist in developing Unit Training Plans. CATS' planning capability is embedded within DTMS. CATS are viewable through ATN.
  • Unit Training Management (UTM). UTM provides the how-to details of the Army's training processes as described in Army Doctrine Publication 7-0 and Army Doctrine Reference Publication 7-0. UTM links to doctrine and provides the on-line dynamic tools to make planning, preparing, executing and assessing unit training possible.
  • Army Learning Concept Training and Education 2018-2040 (ALC for T&E). The ALC for T&E merges the Army Learning Concept for 2015 and the Army Training Concept 2012-2020.The ALC for T&E 2018-2040 synchronizes the previously dissimilar timeframes to facilitate resourcing and provide a common time horizon to help implement the learning concept across the Army. This permits the allocation of resources over the same period to facilitate planning, programming and budgeting. The ALC for T&E envisions an Army-wide learning environment during the period 2018-2040 enabled by continuous and relevant training and education to facilitate career-long learning and develop agile and adaptive Army and civilian leaders.