Transcripts for courses taken at the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) can be ordered for courses that have been completed and processed through CHRTAS. If you took a course before the establishment of AMSC courses maintained in ATRRS, a transcript may not be available without proof of completion by the requestor. AMSC can only guarantee transcripts for resident courses taken since the College begin the Civilian Education System program. The Academic Support Team will do everything possible to assist students who need course information for transcript purposes. If the information is in ATRRS, the information may be readily available.

AMSC Transcripts

Our transcripts show only AMSC courses which have been successfully completed. No transcripts will be awarded for course credit or courses taken from other schools continuous learning activities or unsuccessful completions. To request the transcript, send e-mail to You can request an official transcript with raised AMSC Seal be sent to a college. All transcripts will include your name, course and classes completed, academic semester hours, and Continuing Education Units awarded.

Transcripts can also be requested by contacting the AMSC "Help" Desk to process your AMSC transcripts. Official transcripts are typically processed within 5 business days and you will receive an e-mail notice when your transcript has been processed. Processing could be delayed if the following required information is not provided: Your Name, Course, Class Number, and date attended are required for both official and unofficial transcripts.

  • Although typically sooner, course completions (graduations) are posted within 5 business days of the course end date. To see if a recent graduation is in your ATRRS records go to "My Training" on your AKO page and select ATRRS record.

  • AMSC will not accept a request for a transcript from a third party even if a release has been provided by the student.

  • To request an official transcript, the mailing address of the Institution and a POC is required.

  • Unofficial transcripts will be provided to students in .pdf format without a seal.

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