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The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate presents episode 2 of its “Breaking Doctrine” podcast series: “North Korean Tactics.” This podcast complements the release of Army Techniques Publication 7-100.2 of the same name. In this episode, CADD Director Col. Rich Creed and experts from Training and Doctrine Command G-2 discuss this publication and how this adversary's forces think and act at the tactical level. Listen today on Apple or Google podcasts. ...Read More
This edition of the CALL Insider includes a roll-up of 3rd quarter FY20 publications, reports, best practice submissions, and articles from the field. The "News You Can Use" section features the latest audiobooks from the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate and resources from the Center for the Army Profession and Leadership. Finally, check out ways the combat training centers are adapting to the COVID-19 environment and how you can better prepare yourself and your unit for the next CTC rotation. ...Read More
Analysts from the Center for Army Lessons Learned, having observed numerous iterations of the Mission Command Training Program’s Warfighter Exercises and Combat Training Center rotations, have identified key doctrinal areas that most junior Soldiers and leaders routinely reference. These include areas relevant to Army planning and Army offensive and defensive operations. This quick reference aid aims to help Soldiers quickly identify and reference key doctrinal terms and steps in high operational tempo training environments. ...Read More
In February 2020, female Soldiers from the 114th Military Police (MP) Company, 112th MP Battalion, and 66th Troop Command within the Mississippi Army National Guard in direct support of the Directorate of Emergency Services within Area Support Group-Kuwait, conducted a train the trainer event for the incoming instructors of the Kuwaiti Police Special Forces Female Very Important Person (VIP) Protection Team at the Kuwait Ministry of Interior. The purpose of this training was to provide instruction on law enforcement operations, protective service training fundamentals, non-lethal capabilities, and combatives, to provide the VIP Protection Team a baseline needed to teach incoming members....Read More
Lt. Gen. James Rainey and members of the Combined Arms Center and Mission Command Center of Excellence staffs said farewell to MCCoE Director Maj. Gen. Douglas Crissman and his wife Carolyn during an awards ceremony June 16 in Fort Leavenworth’s Zais Park. Crissman, director since June 2018, will depart later this month to assume duties as the Deputy Commanding General for U.S. Army Central. In his remarks, Crissman reflected on his time with MCCoE as fixing a “hole in his swing” by giving him an opportunity to work within Training and Doctrine Command. “I’ve had some pretty tough jobs, but this is the toughest job I’ve ever had. Not because of any one thing, but because of the breadth and depth of all the things that we touch and that shape the Army on a daily basis,” he said. (U.S. Army photo by Randi Stenson, MCCoE Public Affairs) ...Read More
Lt. Col. Scott Hammond, Center for Army Lessons Learned military analyst (forward), interviews Mr. Ted Flaherty, senior intelligence analyst, U.S. Army Africa G-2 Analysis and Control Element, as part of a COVID-19 response collection at USARAF headquarters May 12, 2020. (Courtesy photo)...Read More
Center for Army Lessons Learned Director Col. Chris Keller (center) conducted a socially distanced promotion ceremony for military analyst Lt. Col. Chris Watkins, May 21, 2020. The ceremony included a small in-person gathering, with a larger audience participating and providing congratulatory messages via Microsoft Teams. (courtesy photo)...Read More
LTC Milner and the Soldiers of Task Force (TF) Mustang are back in this final installment of the series. Its focus is on tactical leaders’ decisions as TF Mustang transitions from a hasty pursuit to a more deliberate offensive operation. As with previous volumes, tactical leaders’ decisions, both good and poor, are designed to stimulate discussion of small-unit training, leadership, professionalism, and planning in a large-scale combat operation. Characters in the work, as well as their subordinates, are human and will make mistakes. They will also use realistic language, talk about their interests, and display prejudices or anger toward enemy forces that may alarm some readers. Musicians of Mars IV displays leader progression as its protagonists advance through combat operations. CALL anticipates that this volume will facilitate unit-level professional development in the same manner its three predecessors did. Whether discussing combined arms breaches or reconnaissance and security operations, LTC Milner and his subordinates are intended to be an avenue through which battalion and field grade officers can initiate a professional discussion with their subordinates....Read More

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