NSC Futures helps focus the Army science and technology training process to provide the required future concepts and capabilities to create the next generation Integrated Training Environment (ITE). The ITE trains and educates leaders and Soldiers to adapt more quickly than our adversaries within a complex operating environment.

How NSC-Futures Helps the Army

Futures' engineers and operational specialists:

  • Perform as technology scouts and conduct market research and reconnaissance of emerging technologies for the NSC Director as the Army moves toward an ITE.
  • Look for technology gaps and influences the Army science and technology process to fill the gaps and satisfy training requirements.

Top Priorities

  • Influence Army science and technology efforts in support of training
  • Priority objectives
    • In cooperation with other Army organizations establish a science and technology action plan to support the CAC-T Future Integrated Training Environment 2025 vision.
    • Participate in the Army Training Support Center’s science and technology efforts.
    • Grow an NSC Science and Technology Matrix Team with other NSC organizations to ensure the TRADOC Capability Managers science and technology requirements are met.
    • Set conditions for capability development documentation.
  • Support other Army efforts involving training, capability development, Mission Command and the Army Learning Concept.

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