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TPO-IA is the Army's centralized planner, manager and integrator for all capability development user activities associated with implementing and sustaining component requirements of the Live, Virtual, Constructive - Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA). TPO-IA is the chief architect for the design and development of the IA requirements in support of an Integrated Training Environment. TPO-IA ensures the training systems meet Army milestones.

How TPO IA Helps the Army

  • Informs the materiel developer of what the LVC-IA must do and ensures that the LVC-IA meets the Army’s needs to prepare versatile units and agile, adaptive leaders.
  • Formalizes the LVC-IA into an official program of record recognized across Department of Defense through the Joint Requirements Oversight Committee staffing process.
  • Assists the materiel developer in the identification of the right place and the right time to field LVC-IA for its maximum training benefit.
  • Analyzes emerging technologies for possible application within the LVC-IA to enhance Army training capabilities.
  • Helps to synchronize the LVC-IA and ITE core component development across the Army.
  • Informs and updates the Army of status of the LVC-IA and submits courses of action for the LVC-IA’s and ITE’s future.
  • TPO IAConducts validation and accreditation events to test the LVC-IA’s capabilities and requirements to evaluate its use by the Army in the Training, Exercises, Military Operations (TEMO) Domain.
  • Supports the communication plans to educate the Army about LVC-IA and how to use it in the TEMO domain to train units and leaders.

Top Priorities

  1. Establish the ITE in the Operational Army. The LVC-IA is the key enabling component of the ITE. It supports the integration of the core Training Aids Devices Simulators and Simulations and stimulation of Mission Command Systems at Home Stations and Combat Training Centers.
  2. Establish the ITE in the Institutional Army. The ITE will expand to include the Institutional Army and Centers of Excellence, providing a persistent and consistent training capability.
  3. Educate the force about ITE capabilities. TPO IA uses engagements with Army leaders and trainers and its online presence to inform the Army about the benefits of the LVC-IA and ITE.

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