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TCM-Constructive conducts centralized planning, management and integration of capability development and user activities associated with constructive training systems and enablers. This includes requirements and future capabilities for the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) and the Army Low Overhead Training Toolkit.

How TCM Constructive Helps the Army

  • Provides constructive simulations that enable collective digital Mission Command training to achieve operational adaptability at home stations, and prepare commanders and their staffs from Battalion and above for Decisive Action operations.
  • TCM Constructive SoldiersSupplies constructive simulations that provide commanders with a mix of effective and efficient training support options that enable the required leader, commander and Mission Command staff training.
  • Assist leaders in understanding the constructive simulations’ capabilities to help commanders plan and conduct timely and meaningful unit and staff training that meets the objectives of their Combined Arms Training Strategies.
  • Provides the JLCCTC constructive component of the Integrated Training Environment to build and sustain unit collective training and to develop agile, adaptive and innovative leaders.

Top Priorities

  • Continue to mature the Joint Land Component constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) to support Battalion to Theater Mission command Training to prepare for Decisive Action operations.
  • TCM Constructive SoldiersContinue to transition of the Entity Resolution Federation (ERF) to Multi-Resolution Federation-W (B) (MRF-B). ERF is approaching the end of its life cycle and MRF-B is its replacement.
  • Host the MRF-B assessments to evaluate changes required to WARSIM for it to meet training requirements for transition from ERF to MRF-B.
  • Review and update or change as needed the JLCCTC Capability Production Document (CPD).
  • Focus development on constructive support to the Live, Virtual and Constructive –Integrating Architecture and transition of constructive from the MRF-W (B) to the Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

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