Live Training Directorate (LTD)


LTD is the Army's Lead Agent and TRADOC Capability Manager for combat development and user activities associated with live training systems. These systems include live fire ranges, targets, Combat Training Centers, home station and military operations in the urban terrain instrumentation systems, tactical engagement simulations, relevant opposing forces systems that support the live training environments, and Standards in Training Commission (STRAC).


LTD Organization Chart

How LTD Helps the Army

  • Sustainable Range Program (SRP)
    • Range Modernization
    • Range Operations and Safety
    • Integrated Training Area Management Program (ITAM)
  • Standards in Training Commission (STRAC)
  • Combat Training Center Modernization Program
  • Tactical Engagement Simulation Program
  • Live Training Requirements Integration
  • Lead for DA PAM 350-38 (STRAC); AR 350 19 (SRP) TC25-1 (Training Land); TC 25-8 Training Ranges; DA PAM 385-63 (Range Safety)

Top Priorities

  1. Support the warfighters with world-class live training capabilities.
  2. Provide instruction for the Intermediate Range Safety Course to ensure safe execution of live training.
  3. Complete annual review of DA Pam 350-38, Standards in Weapons Training.
  4. Ensure optimum sustainability of Army live training resources.

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