Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP)

The Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP) is a graduate-level education program of the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). The vision for AMSP is to develop effective planners who help senior leaders understand the operational environment and then visualize and describe viable solutions to operational problems. Graduates of the AMSP:
  • Are critical and creative thinkers grounded in operational theory, doctrine, and history
  • Can identify problems and propose viable solutions
  • Can clearly communicate to various audiences orally, graphically, and in writing
  • Are good leaders and great teammates who collaborate effectively to get the job done
  • Have the courage to lead from above, beside, and below
  • Are physically and mentally tough

The AMSP is for Majors and Junior Lieutenant Colonels who have completed their Intermediate Level Education requirement or equivalent, with the majority coming to AMSP from Command and General Staff School (CGSS). SAMS has one AMSP education program (up to 9 seminars) which begins in June and graduates in May. Following graduation, officers will generally serve twenty four month utilization tour in critical battle staff positions at a division, corps, or Army Service Component Command. See the SAMS Program Guide (AY 2014-2015) for additional information on the School.

* CGSC Students will be offered the opportunity to apply for AMSP during the school year *

*** For Navy Element Students, contact your detailer BEFORE applying to SAMS to ensure your timeline will allow! ***