Student Ambassador

Comparable to Sponsors, Student Ambassadors have a less formal relationship with IMS. Unlike Sponsors, Student Ambassadors are selected and appointed by the Director, U.S. Student Division, following review of U.S. student Officer Record Briefs. Officers with SOF and Civil Affairs backgrounds are considered especially well suited to this duty. Volunteers are also given full consideration. Student Ambassadors function within the staff group as an advisor to the IMS, providing limited additional assistance with understanding acronyms, abbreviations, slang, jargon and idioms that would otherwise hinder the IMS’s ability to follow and participate in lecture and discussion. Where appropriate, Student Ambassadors provide limited assistance with understanding the scope and intent of curriculum and related homework assignments, and where necessary also assist their IMS with accessing IT systems and achieving basic understanding of web-based learning systems. For more information on Student Ambassador Program, please call 913 684-7313 or 913 684-7317.

For more information on Student Ambassadorship, please call 913-684-7317.