Distance Education FAQs


Who is a distant learner?

Those students who are enrolled in the Department of Distance Education (DDE) DL or TASS courses or who attend classes at the CGSC Satellite campuses are considered distant learners supported by the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library (CARL). They have access to CARL’s online resources, such as journal article databases, ebooks, and language instruction.

How do I access CARL's resources?

Distant students can access these online resources through Blackboard by going to the “Master Library and CGSC Resources” page. There are PINs available there that serve the same purpose as a library account number for database access, as well as a link to our database page.

How do I find out what the library owns?

The Library’s Online Catalog is used to find out what print, microform, and audiovisual materials are owned by the CARL, as well as ebooks. Distant learners have direct access only to CARL’s online holdings, and must go through a local library to request loan of physical items.

Summon is another possibility; it searches CARL’s databases and other digital resources as well as the catalog. However, as it searches over 300 million items, it is important to use search refinements to narrow results.

How can I find magazine and journal articles?

CARL subscribes to several fulltext article databases. Two of our major ones, EBSCOHost and ProQuest, are listed on the databases page as "Articles-" Use these if you are looking for articles on a given topic. If you have a specific citation, use the Journal Search to see if the journal is full text in one our databases.

How do I get a "14 digit account number"?

Distant learners can use the PINs found on Blackboard (see "How do I access CARL’s resources?"). Resident students and members of the Ft Leavenworth community can set up their accounts in person at the Library Circulation Desk. We are not able to provide accounts to persons who do not fall into one of these categories.

How can I get full text resources?

Most of the databases CARL subscribes to are largely full text. Our major journal article databases allow you to limit a search to full text only. Summon search can also be restricted to full text.

CARL has access to two major collections of fulltext ebooks. Ebrary and EBSCO. You can search these collections as a whole from the database page, or find individual titles in our Catalog.

CARL’s own Digital Library contains a variety of full text items, such as World War II Operational Documents and Obsolete Military Manuals. These items are available to the public.

What if I need help with my research?

Use our Ask-a-Librarian service to contact one of CARL’s Reference Librarians. Be sure to let us know you’re a distant learner.

You can also call 913-758-3053 during our Open Hours to speak with a librarian.

The link to my course reading doesn’t work. What do I do?

Sometimes the proxied link to an article breaks, and you are asked to log in. If this happens you can go to the database from our Databases page, use the PIN you got from Blackboard, and search for the article by putting the title in quotation marks. Feel free to contact CARL staff for assistance as well (see "What if I need help with my research?").

How do I cite my sources for my paper?

ST22-2, Leader Communication provides guidance for citing a variety of sources. It can be found in the Master Library on Blackboard.