LTC Eric Baptiste selected for Battalion Command

LTC Eric Baptiste is a former Distance Learning student and graduate of the Advance Operations Course Class 16-13 under the Department of Distance Education, was selected for Battalion Command of the 3rdBN, 209thRegional Training Institute (RTI), Camp Ashland, NE.

LTC Baptiste welcomed the challenges DDE/AOC had to offer as well as balancing his daily work and family obligations. Eric understood the value completing CGSOC offered to his military professional opportunities leading to his command selection. He was an outstanding performer in this highly demanding year long program accomplishing all academic requirements to an outstanding standard as well as gaining the respect of his classmates along the way. LTC Baptiste became an unspoken leader and subject mater expert supported by his divers' experiences which he gained through multiple deployments helping to enhance the instruction and increase the learning for the whole group. LTC Baptiste demonstrated his ability as a multi-faceted and professionally talented officer who will excel in the Army’s highest levels of commands and opportunities.