LTC Kacey Brashear selected for Battalion Command

LTC Kacey Brashear is a former Distance Learning student and graduate of the Advance Operations Course Class 14-130 under the Department of Distance Education, was recently selected for Battalion Command of the 90th Aviation Support BN, Forth Worth, TX and also selected to attend the AWCDEP Class of 2019.

As an officer in the DDE/AOC program LTC Brashear was a superior performer in all demonstrated abilities of the distance education mode to the Command and General Staff Officer Course. She exemplified her leadership abilities in numerous group exercises culminating as the Joint Planning Group / J5 Leader for a highly demanding joint level exercise which tested all aspects of tactics, sustainment and intelligence resulting in a flawless review. Embracing every opportunity DDE/AOC had to offer, LTC Brashear was academically rated the number one student overall in her class. Just as impressive, she was ranked number one by her peers. LTC Brashear will absolutely succeed at the highest levels of the Army’s staff and commands.