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Downloading a full, contiguous copy of Military Review from JOOMAG file

A full copy of any given Military Review can be downloaded in PDF for electronic mailing or printing by pressing the PDF icon located on the left side and below the cover of the publication displayed at the top of this webpage. The icon is on the right side of the term “English Edition”. This option does not allow for downloading individual articles separate from the consolidated JOOMAG PDF file.

Downloading copies of individual articles

Individual Military Review articles can only be downloaded in PDF from the publication archive. To view or download an individual article, select the year of article publication from the archive menu above (e.g., 2016, 2015, etc.). On the subsequent screen, select the appropriate issue (e.g., January-February) from the list on the left side, and the table of contents for that issue will be displayed. Click on the PDF icon associated with the title of the desired article to download or print it.