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Colonel Chip Bircher assumed his current responsibilities as Director of the U.S. Army Information Operations Proponent Office at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in June 2012. Prior to that, he earned a Masters Degree in National Security Strategy from the U.S. Army War College where he conducted focused research on redesigning the Army’s approach to information as an element of national power and the relationship of think tanks with senior military leaders. Previously, COL Bircher was the Deputy Director for Communication, International Security Assistance Forces – Afghanistan, and the Deputy Director for Strategic Communication, U.S. Central Command. While at ISAF, COL Bircher was the principal architect of the strategy and resourcing for the Deputy Chief of Staff – Communication directorate at ISAF. At U.S. Central Command, COL Bircher designed and implemented the first Integrated Communication Directorate and process for the command.p>

COL Bircher’s previous assignments include Director of the U.S. Army Computer Network Operations and Electronic Warfare Proponent and Director of Information Operations, CJTF-76, Bagram, Afghanistan. During his assignment as Director of the CNO-EW Proponent, COL Bircher led the establishment of electronic warfare as a core function for the U.S. Army, resulting in the creation of the Electronic Warfare career field, publication of the first Army electronic warfare doctrine in 20 years, completion of the Electronic Warfare Capabilities Based Assessment, and completion of the Army’s Operational Concept for Cyber-Electronic Operations. During his tenure as the Director of Information Operations for CJTF-76, COL Bircher was responsible for the integration of all inform and influence activities conducted by U.S. forces in Afghanistan in support of National Security objectives, to include the successful completion of the first democratic Presidential elections in Afghanistan.

COL Bircher holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from The Citadel, and a Master of Arts Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management from Webster University. He has been published in “IO Sphere” and cited in numerous academic studies on the field of information operations.