09-27 Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook
PDF | Published 30 Apr 2009
This handbook assists company-, battalion-, and brigade-level officers and noncommissioned officers to effectively use money as a weapons system on the counterinsurgency (COIN) battlefield. Coalition money is defeating COIN targets without creating collateral damage, by motivating antigovernment forces to cease lethal and nonlethal operations, by creating and providing jobs along with other forms of financial assistance to the indigenous population, and by restoring or creating vital infrastructure.

09-22 Commander’s Guide to Operational Records and Data Collection Handbook
PDF | Published 24 Mar 2009
The Center of Military History (CMH), Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA), and Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) are all repositories for a unit’s operational records and data. They have jointly prepared this handbook to provide the commander clear guidance pertaining to the preservation and disposition of his unit’s important operational records and data.

09-11 Media Relations Handbook
PDF | Published 07 Jan 2009
This newsletter makes the case for changing public relations and media relations to support contemporary operations, especially in a counterinsurgency environment. It explains why commanders, not just the public affairs office, must be involved in public affairs (PA) operations.

07-34 Provincial Reconstruction Team Playbook Handbook
PDF | Published 10 Sep 2007
Provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) were established as a result of the need to develop the infrastructure necessary for the Afghan and Iraqi people to succeed in.

07-30 Family Readiness Group Handbook
PDF | Published 01 Jun 2007
The Family Readiness Group (FRG) provides an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among family members, the chain of command, and community resources. The primary purpose of any FRG is to encourage self-sufficiency among its members by providing information, referral assistance, and mutual support.

06-08 Catastrophic Disaster Response Staff Officer's Handbook
PDF | Published 01 May 2006
After returning to its home station following service in Joint Task Force Katrina, one unit reported that its “staff lacked a general familiarization with civilian disaster response organizations.” The staff officer who trains for and participates in combat operations will experience culture shock when involved in responding to a major domestic catastrophe.



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