School of Advanced Leadership and Tactics (SALT)

To provide officer continuing education for mid-grade officers (1LT through CPT(P) and WO1 through CW2(P)) with a focus toward enhancing technical and tactical proficiency, enabling capable battalion and brigade staff officers and strengthening direct leadership competencies in order to cultivate critical and creative thinking and agile and adaptive leadership to better address complex problems and to lead combat formations now and in the future; leadership task proponent for the officer Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC), Captains Career Course (CCC), Warrant Officer Advance Course (WOAC), and the Company Commander First Sergeant Pre-Command Course (CCFSPCC).

COL John C. Buckley II
Director, SALT

Director's Message
SALTS's commitment is
reflected in the following
organizational values:

S = Service : to provide valued products and services to our customers
A = Adaptability: to provide tailored services to meet customers’ needs and continuously innovate
L = Learning : to facilitate the active learning of our members and continuous transformation of our learning organization
T = Teamwork : to develop cohesive high performing teams